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Welcome to Yi Sheng

Yi Sheng is a dream, borne out of a vision to create a platform which heals through TCM concepts combining the synch of mind and body.

"Yi" (易) means "change" , or "simplicity" . Under the complexities of life lies a simplicity that forms the fundamental for us to rediscover. The natural rhythm of life flows easily when we are able to understand simplicity (易).

"Sheng" (生) means life or to live. The cycle of life is a constant self-renewal process, an open system that never ceases the exchange of material and energy with the outside world. Life (生) means living, renewing and coexisting within certain laws and structures.

Yi Sheng believes in natural approaches. It designs and practices comprehensive TCM healing processes and inculcates the healing elements and principles of other alternative therapies. This combination stresses the principles of Yi Sheng- upholding the traditions of ancient healing yet constantly upgrading through research and development.



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